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Bilal's international experiences include studies at Harvard University

After his business administration studies in Germany, Bilal went to Harvard University's Business School and completed the prestigious module 'Authentic Leader Development' and the additional course 'Launching New Ventures' as part of an executive education program in the US.

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Termine von Bilal Zafar

German Keynote Speaker on Artificial Intelligence booked by US Tech Companies

Bilal has already been booked by Microsoft, the corporation behind ChatGPT, as a speaker & expert on AI in 2023


Recommended by the AI market leader

Bilal was booked by
Microsoft as an AI expert

Bilal in discussion with executives
and key account customers of Microsoft
after the release of ChatGPT for Search.

Most-watched German AI speaker on YouTube.

Bilal's keynote "Biggest Change in Our Lifetime" on Artificial Intelligence has been viewed over 116,000 times in just a few months, making it the most-watched video by a German-speaking speaker on the topic of AI in 2023.

Summary (in German): 2 minutes
Full version on YouTube (in German): 45 minutes


Knowledge and

In 2023, Bilal did keynotes
for companies from:

Automotive, Technology, Media, Associations,
Banks, Mechanical Engineering, Auditing, Consumer Goods.

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See what you get: 54 minutes in English, unedited. Bilal delivers — pure, authentic content.

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Bilal is a motivated entrepreneur & speaker with the talent to inspire people. See an English summary here:

Successful founder of two
internet companies

Surprisingly, many speakers do keynotes on AI, but have never founded a digital company themselves. Why let someone show you the path who has never really walked it themselves?

Bilal knows what he's talking about, being familiar with the digital world from his daily work as a Tech-CEO.


Millions of viewers at
German Shark Tank

Many millions of people watched the Zafar brothers
in the season highlight on VOX in the fall of 2020.

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In 2021, the Zafar brothers founded the video platform dab for worldwide leisure activities. It is active in countries including Portugal, the USA, and the United Arab Emirates and many more countries.

Industry: Travel & Leisure, Tourism (worldwide)

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Without external capital, Bilal and Adil Zafar have radically digitalized the outdated topic of job applications with and are now Germany's largest online platform for applications.

Industry: Jobs & Labor market, in business for 10 years.

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TV Interview in Galileo Documentary about Elon Musk

Bilal frequently gives interviews on the topic of innovation in Germany. He also appears in a documentary by Galileo/ProSieben about Elon Musk: Watch the video

"Bilal Zafar knows what he's talking about when it comes to the digital world."

Full-page article in the print edition of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in March 2017 on the topic of the digital working world in the "Career and Opportunity" section.


"The Zafar brothers are experts in digital infrastructure."

Full-page article in the print edition of Handelsblatt in October 2020 on the future of job searching after the broadcast of the 'Shark Tank' episode featuring Adil and Bilal Zafar.


Popular keynote topics on Digitalization & Artificial Intelligence

Topics for keynotes are an initial guide. Individual content can be freely chosen and is happily discussed in advance. All keynotes are tailored to your industry.


The Biggest Revolution in Business

Keynote with focus on efficient work

AI will transform our work profoundly and radically. This lecture's content: positive impulse, motivation, as well as tools and practical examples from which companies can benefit.

  • Keynote 30-60 minutes (as requested)
  • Interactive with a focus on motivation & information
  • Massive time saving with AI tools
  • Practical and hands-on
  • Suitable for executives & employees
  • Tailored to your industry

Languages: German or English

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The Opportunity of the Century

Keynote with focus on work, society, everyday life

Artificial Intelligence will change the world forever. What does this mean for companies, society, and everyday life? This lecture provides a motivational impulse on the topic of AI.

  • Keynote 30-60 minutes (as requested)
  • Interactive with a clear focus on motivation
  • Ignite passion for AI
  • Emotional and experience-oriented
  • Well-suited for executives & customer events
  • Tailored to your industry

Languages: German or English

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NEW Creativity in Seconds

Keynote with focus on AI in Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is radically transforming marketing. How can I effectively use AI? What tools and prompts are available?

  • Keynote 30-60 minutes (as requested)
  • Unlocking Creativity with Generative AI
  • Increased creativity & productivity
  • Online and offline marketing
  • Prompts for image, text, and video creation
  • Tailored to your industry

Languages: German or English

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Artificial Intelligence will change everything.
Are you ready?

Bilal is an experienced Keynote Speaker for Artificial Intelligence and aims to inspire your organization about this topic. Artificial intelligence (AI) will profoundly transform our world. AI is the biggest change of the decade, possibly even the biggest change in our lifetime.


This woman has never existed and was created with AI in a second. How far will AI go?

AI will profoundly change the world. But are you and your organization prepared for it? How will Artificial Intelligence transform work? In less than 3 years, AI will turn everything upside down. Many companies are not prepared for this because they simply lack the knowledge of how AI works and how they can use it to their advantage.

AI offers tremendous opportunities. Take advantage of the possibilities that AI offers you.

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